Response to Sally’s UK retail lecture

Hello everyone.
In response to Sally’s lecture based upon the UK retail, I was intrigued with the context especially the statistics relating to UK spending. Sally created a huge emphasis on how the UK market is continuously and rapidly changing. Of course, it’s a forever growing and unpredictable industry! Due to this, I was interested in how Sally made a relationship to the UK’s consumer expenses in Fashion and the economy as a whole! For example, as you can see from the graph (that was included in the lecture) there has been a deflation in children’s wear overtime. Possibly, this may be the case because consumers are being more cautious of what they are purchasing! Furthermore, nowadays parents are opting for more affordable children’s wear at Supermarkets (Lidl’s, Asda etc..) rather than high streets stores such as GAP. This shows how people are making more considered prices. Do you see the children’s wear store ‘ADAMS’ on the high street today?
Untitled Untitled.pngjOverall, the presentation was very informative and factual which gave me a better insight of the Fashion industry as a whole. Sally seems very inspiring and dedicated! I thoroughly enjoyed her lecture and I will be looking forward to seeing her in the future.

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